Conquer Hate (16 Bars)

by Rhyme Flow (MC Flowny)



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On February 3rd 2017 Bandcamp promised to donate 100% of their share to the ACLU to stand in solidarity for immigrants and basic human values. Being a first generation immigrant from the Philippines, I have a strong love of my homeland but also pride in living in the United States as a citizen.

This current administration is harboring fear and hatred, and reflects both voters that are sick of the political standard, and those also motivated by aspects of that very same fear and narrow minded hatred. They seek to blame instead of unite. They look to consolidate wealth instead of share. Their aims are not to assist the backbone of this country: American middle class. And I just can't align with that.

So while I don't stand outside of airports and picket, or go to town halls and voice my concern, I am a musician... and I can do this. I can take this amazing instrumental by Warp 45, and give 16 bars that reflect what Marvin Gaye has been saying. I can try to put a mirror to what the current generation both sees and endures. And hopefully I can help in what little way I'm able to towards fighting the establishment.

The song is completely free of charge, but if you want to donate, know that proceeds are going to a great cause.

Stand with me to conquer hate.



Marvin said it best, didn’t he?
Admitting that the world was spinning out of control into infinity.

Man it’s all a little out of hand.
Since when did the wars that our grandparents fought hit dry land.

Hate, Racism, grazing our faces, displacing people from outta their homes
ain’t no real world “space spaces”.

Police are crazy more than ever. Their bullets and brutality are hailing down minorities like storm weather.

Don’t get me started with the war on terror.
Cause fighting fear with bombs is fighting fire with like a dry sweater.

And I ain’t better but I ain’t a crook.
Cause how we supposed to fight for peace by clicking “like” on our facebook.

Consider this, you can twitter this.
You can can sit at your desk, and twiddle your thumbs until you’re really pissed.

Or you can start debate to conquer hate.
Cause only honest understanding is the righteous path that we have to take.


released February 3, 2017
Produced by: Warp 45



all rights reserved


Rhyme Flow (MC Flowny) San Diego, California

I'm a hip-hop artist that has thrived in the Brony Community since 2012. I love meeting new people and collaborating with new talented musicians.

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