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Scott Hopkins
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Scott Hopkins This was Rhyme Flow at his most varied, as 2013 straddled the line between his pitched voice and normal one. The result is a dichotomy that unites two different artistic approaches and makes for a versatile listen, if you're okay with Flowny's voice changing track by track. Favorite track: system_error.
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Luke Rhyme Flow songs for 2013 what not to love Favorite track: Trap Door by F3nning.


released September 2, 2015



all rights reserved


Rhyme Flow (MC Flowny) San Diego, California

I'm a hip-hop artist that has thrived in the Brony Community since 2012. I love meeting new people and collaborating with new talented musicians.

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Track Name: A Dash of Lightning Fire ft. Dubious & Versal
It’s Lightning Dusk Coming At you full speed running
on the fumes of my dreams i’m insane so it seems
My Flying is at it’s Peak I reak of desire
top Flier is what i’m seeing so i stay on a wire
I push the limits harder so i push myself Farther
if i do i’m a martyr so i live on the edge
This is my pledge be the top in Equestria
No Pony as a Test to ya i mean yours truely
Legendary like my name was something like Broly
Holy celestia these ponies don't get it yet
you really want to tempt me well then i guess its next
On to the next one Time’s kinda stressed son
Time to push it into OverDrive still on the sober side
drunk off of Flying high and i just aint living yet
(Breath) Blowing up the test they saying that its suicide
Well this is my life

(Please dont shoot me down... Cause I’m Flier.. I’m Flier.... I’m Higher)

Pushing my limits, revolutionize speed.
Consumed by my dreams, fueled by the need
To fly a little farther, move a little sharper.
Work a little harder, So I can soon leave earth.
if wings are my sword, then friendship is my armor.
A cadet of the sky, there's always more learn.
Energy to burn, achievements to earn.
After each and every turn, expectations stack higher.
Surpassin my limits, with the future lookin brighter.
Leaving lightning in the dust, cause my passion won't expire
Ha, I still got tricks up my sleeve!
Kick it into high-gear and watch the rainbows bleed.
But it's true that other things are important.
So, I guess I'm headed back down so I can reorient.
Myself with reality and be reborn a better me
at least hopefully.

(Please dont shoot me down... Cause I’m Flier.. I’m Flier.... I’m Higher)



It's sad to see these weak Pegasi with this lack of passion to challenge me.

But ask me how I became one?
You think Lightning Dust is bad? I was the INSANE ONE.

And Pain comes, when your body tells you the Brain's Done.
So You can quit and complain, but I maintain son.

And Soarin' knows that my threshold is higher
Like ice cold under the flames, and graceful under fire.

I inspired a legion of mean Dare Devil Ponies
Who admire my tireless efforts to put on a show.

(Please dont shoot me down... Cause I’m Flier.. I’m Flier.... I’m Higher)
Track Name: Standards by VINXIS
I'm on a cloud.
It's Saturday.
I wanna nap
or shall I play?
I'm happy to pass the time, so either way.
I'm just gonna live in the moment here today...

Wake up in the morning.
Sheets on the floor
Cause I kick while i'm snoring.
Up up and at 'em.
And I'm glad it's the weekend.
Brush my teeth then
Gonna greet friends.

Wanna eat then, meet the day.
Had a week of slayin' clouds, now i'm here to play
Or do nothing.
That's the beauty of a choice.
Where the sound of decision isn't drowned by the noise of-
Obligations, prior engagements.
The ancients say you retire the brain when
It's overloaded and bloated with work things.

It's your day off Dash, better relax it's the first thing.
First the wing stretch, vertically burst up

Inhale the crisp air, building your thirst up
And Earth is - put into perspective from the view here.

Are you new here? Chill is what I do here!
And assume the position.
Isn't it nice - to live your life by the rhythm
as the wind blows, or the warm glows of a sunray
Don't get it? Maybe you will one day!

And when a summer breeze whips your mane back
the smile on your face says you're on the same track
And ain't that better than a racetrack?
No nevermind, A race lane's where my game's at. XD

Verse 2

So. If I have to decide
Choose to relax or choose if I fly.

And by fly, I mean race
in this case I mean 'Break the Sky'
Hear my voice, see the 'Chase' in my eye.

Cause I know I'd pick a race in a heart beat.
spectators better buckle down tight like a car seat.

Cause when RD starts to arch - she's
Ready to rock, like a Pinkie Pie Party.

Standard Deviation, i'm anxious tenacious
to Rainboom break through the Space is-

Basically the basis of all that I'm faced with.
It's that first place state - I can taste it.

I hate given up, 2nd ain't good enough.
It's inane but I'm Haste Driven when I'm puttin up.

Cuttin up the skyline
Leavin fools 10 seconds flat in the past...
Cause that's MY LINE.

My Timeline is a Highlight Reel.
I Level up like an Alicorn - Twilight Real

And I might peel rubber when I fly by - steal
The spotlight. This life? My ideal.

But then again, with my friends in the sunshine...
A cool wind in my hair, havin fun times...

When Tank comes by, face lookin dumb - I
can't deny, I'd rather go out with 'em sometimes.

What to do? Fluttershy best said it...
It's not a bad problem to have, yes I get it.

But instead of doing one, can't I have 'em both?
Race AND Relax... at the same time... Sailing with a Speed Boat?

No? But I'm DASH I can do it.
I can place first, and afterwards screw it.

I can make it work, that's my final answser.
I'm Rainbow Dash, and these are my Standards.
Track Name: Stroll Through The Everfree by Legion
Verse 1:
Are you afraid of the dark?
Demonic hands reach from the shadows and rip into your heart.
Feel the cold stares from the unknown beyond.
And know that - if you stray from the path, you get drawn.
To the crevice - and deep into the mouth of the beast.
The Everfree forest is ever ready to feast.
And there's never any peace in this place.
The noise of the agonized voices rejoice within the maze.
And I tell any traveler - whose courage is called on.
Take a trip to the forest you get mauled on.
Any strength in your hearts? Believe it's all gone.
Otherwise you'll fall by the appalled spawn.
In the forest the world runs on it's own time.
All the predators pray for your alone time.
In no time they prey upon your own mind.
Better believe me your flesh is where they go'n dine.

Define courage? An original skill - Because
courage is just fear with a bit of a will.
And that will makes you move when you body cannot.
An autonomic response, something that cannot be taught.
Cause when you caught in the clutches of the trees.
The dead stares of the trunks amongst the rush of the breeze
Just seize all - your muscles and it buckles your knees
Tough luck, Everfree just put another to sleep.
Another victim in the quick sand of the vile forest.
A reviled force that forces ponies to be defiled for
the time that they spend in this dark zone.
And you better start home, otherwise you will be marked, owned-
By the bark of the timberwolf, in a full moon.
Or a basilisk stare where you gonna fall soon.
And it's all doom, Everfree, when in fact you're never free.
Soon as your in, the light is what you'll never see.

Verse 2:
You need to listen, to need to hear.
You need adrenaline, you need the fear.
You need the heart
At a level to pump the blood straight
through the core of your skeleton.
Militant and intelligent
Is the only chance you have to make it past all the elements.
Poison is a joke here, are you tellin me you'll survive
With all these ghosts near?
And the paralytic stares of vile mytical monsters?
Now aware - that your presence is lost here?
Tossed here in the thick of it.
Constantly walking in circles, aw you must be sick of it.
But think of it, take a minute to rest - and in less
than a minute, you can get venom into your chest.
Reasses, your systems
Cause if you keep on your feet it leaves death far in the distance.

Assistance for your defenses,
is a mystical zebra with a penchance
For chemical combinations of herbs and her word choice.
In pentameter bursts - her - disturbed voice
Serves riddles and rhymes to ruminate in
But if you can unwind 'em you'll find, illumination
Ancient fables, words of the wise
There ain't no tales that'll swerve your demise
and it serves as a guide, in the Everfree lives
are as fleeting as a fly in the fangs of a centipede.
Let it be, it you fall it was meant to be.
The Many Creatures of the Forest will begin to eat.
Dinner meat,
it was bittersweet. Cause you could've made it out,
if you were a little better on your feet.
Now you're just a complete part of their breakfast.
Now they wait for who's part of the next list.

Better be ever ready
Never leave anybody
Enemies, ever hunting
The disease it is coming
In the breeze it is something
When it sees, start running
suddenly, hearts gunning
Gonna be dark, cunning
Peace - Harmony
Never be targeted
Whether we started it.
Let us eat part of it
Now let it be.
Souls will submit to me
Tolls that are fit to be
Stroll through the Everfree
Track Name: Technicolor by the Combine ft. Replacer, Koroshiya & Buffalo
Rhyme Flow:
Blue as the sky ~ Flew through the sky
Blue as dream ~ Blue as cerulean diamonds.

Blew by as a blur in a bright cloud.
Blew up like a rainboom - quite loud.

Hold tight now

Rainbow's on a flight bound for lime light.
Fame is in her sights now.

I wonder if she ever understood the other colts
Who were jealous of her thunder with the Wonderbolts?

And never undersold, overloaded dominance.
you see it in her fans, give thier vote of confidence.

And i'm in essence just fan too.
I'm givin presence to her spirit with the lyrics that I hand you.

And I demand you had plan to,
wave a pennant in the air for the mare that commands you.

Rainbow Dash, fast, furious, agile
Sometimes an ass and rash, but then fragile.
Track Name: Trap Door by F3nning
Rhyme Flow:

F3 with a Trap Beat
Couldn't connect the dots on this track till he had me.

Rhyme Flow in the back of the class
leaning back on the last seat. On this fast beat.

Till ya sick of this, I'm frickin ridiculous.
Only rappin pony rap until radios pickin us.

Look at us thinkin we makin it mainstream.
It's a fake wish more like an insane dream.

Listen, I do it for dudes and ladies
who like My Little Pony but maybe rap evasive

What I mean is the crap gettin airplay.
Sucks like Rarity's havin a bad hair day

Wanna show 'em hip-hop can amount to more.
Tells stories with subject matter and metaphors

Wanna buck the hinges on these brittle metal doors
Gonna settle scores using just a little horse.


A little horse, get it?
I'll spread it on reddit until you get force fed it.

In a bed of lettuce - Pinkie Pie then met us
And I fed us a salad in just like five minutes.

Did I make a show reference...
Guess I said it for yall to pay deference.

Cept it's a bit of inception.
A Pony verse trapped in a Trap Beat I mentioned.

Attention - to everypony and then some.
It's Rhyme Flow and F3NNING ready to get some..

We buck wild and mild mannerly handsome.
Got Fillies silly and really whispering "damn son".

So cancel your plans
And answer demands of the Flow & the F3n.

Cause we're goin again just to show you we can
Mow you over with prose that's supplied by the pen.


what's wrong bro, you know that this my jam tho, you say we can't trap yo, I'll show you this trap door

we go slow, ponies make it ice cold, you say we can't trap yo, I'll show you this trap door

I'll show you this trap door x8

versace versace medusa head on me like I'm gonna suffocate
showing the trap that a pony be styling yeah when they watch it there's no debate
a technical flow, I'm taking it slow, I'm stealing versace call me drake
but we hate no more, we watching the show like a jockey we lovin it out the gate

dodge this, Ib, we never lettin ya rhyme flow or your buddy ever go to waste
we rep you, but you busy and we kinda let the song go all the way out of a 3 minute pace
speakin of pace, gimmie the bass, I'ma set the bar when we taking you all the way into outer space
floating around, bucking it with the ponies, seein all of you wishing that you could even touch base

baldface, that's the type of lie that you can spread when you sayin we bad
nullspace, that's the type of brain that you possess when you sayin you rad
really is it even a compo when I say kendrick and tyler and nas oh
but you ain't never heard a single song they made tho, so really what's the point, rap is never displayed bro

you all want dubstep, and you don't even know a thing about it, i can tell you
all that you need to know, but you ain't never being patient all you do is doubt it, I can try
all that I want with flow, to show you that all of the prods you know, are sick of the
game that we made, but it's all good, isn't this all a little much over just another meme bro
Track Name: The Raindrop Model by mycutiemarkisagun
And I can hear the rain bang against the window
It's a soothing sound but truly a moving instrumental.
It's natures symphony simply orchestral in design
A million water droplets in 3/4 time.

And it's mind boggling how rhymes toggle inside mine.
And the lines that I struggle to find, in time shine.
And it's my understanding that I did not find 'em
but in truth found me, astoundingly bright diamonds.

And the light from the facet of words are quite brilliant.
And I'm fascinated by their capacity for resilience.
Like this downpour, spouts these lyrics like in the millions.
But it's only 16 that I glean, those that I'm feelin.

Then I seal the deal by tightening verses within the tempo.
Shaving syllables and making the complex into simple.
Individually Rapped, I wrap this rhyme gift
So great and powerful is this rain inspired riff.
Track Name: Keep Calm Daddy-O by Sprocket Doggingsworth ft. Sax Brony
Who-da thunk that the number one terrified paralyzed very nice
pair of eyes, stare and die, take care of parasprites

Would be held responsible for being the one to make a paradise.
in the mind of the wicked wicked one.
Constantly conflicted one.
He's a DUI in life, a hit & run.
Discord's in store, he's force fed
To be better than before, OR IT IS OFF WITH HIS HORSE HEAD!


Chaotic ways are untamable.
But it seems the goddess of the sun is sayin' somepony is capable.
On paper it's insane, to rein the madness of the wicked.
But kindness finds the light in the tightness of the thicket.
Make it so. Flutter-On-Daddy-O
Because kindness is the butter on your bread, and he knows.
And he's so hesitant, will he let you in?
Bent on his ways, and yet you praise with friendship?

Verse 1:

You let him in to the digs of your residence.
and evidently set to begin your benevolence.

But you sense that your friends, they - aren't really feelin it.
They say seal away the demon, constantly appealing

this is one bad bad seed, if you ask ask me
This task at hand's tragically ghastly

And could lead to events like havin a gas leak.
In a fireworks factory for the past week.


But even then the explosion is expected.
You have God of Chaos on your house unaffected

By your stare or the glares of your unapproving friends.
Who doubt that your efforts will get better in the end.

That he's geniunely sorry, that he has to make amends.
And it sends them batty, cause you really can't pretend

That your bunny's being bullied or your cottage rotation.
What's this knowledge that you keep for his rehabilitation?

Chorus 2
Chaotic ways are untamable.
But it seems the goddess of the sun is sayin' somepony is capable.
On paper it's insane, to rein the madness of the wicked.
But kindness finds the light in the tightness of the thicket.
Make it so. Flutter-On-Daddy-O
Because kindness is the butter on your bread, and he knows.
And he's so hesitant, will he let you in?
Bent on his ways, and yet you praise with friendship?

Verse 2

Leave it to beavers in the distance
Eyes glow with deviant intent, hell bent on being misfits.

Back at the cottage is an odd vision.
A monacled draconeqqus is best dressed to precision.

A decision to exhibit his behavior.
To prove that she was right, a polite Chaos Savior

As a host/entertainer he's playin a pain in the butt still.
But still, Fluttershy's inspired by tough will.

Until the cup runeth over valleys and up hills.
Because Sweet Apples Acres becoming a lake filled

with immense gallons of water, and it's a DAM shame.
The signature is obvious, as who's the man playing.

And the blame is accepted but Flutter is not game.
Cause she vowed to be his friend, but friends don't cost pain.

The epiphany is imminent, and Discord realizes.
That Friendship is too magical beyond his own devices.
Track Name: All That Shines by Nameless Warning
Look at all the shiny things...
Look at all the the jewels and the rings
Look at all the gems and the bling
Look at everything.
Think of all joy that it brings.
And boy it makes your heart sing.
and you're Hungry for the gems.
Don't you lie, you cannot pretend.
Covet what you can till the end.
I can understand.
The feeling of the crystals in your hands
You fiending for it more than you can stand.


Ain't no shame in tryna claim all that glitters and glows
All them rocks jewels and gems that your friends hold.

what do they know about the flavor of a Sapphire?
Or the taste of an emerald over Cast Iron

Desire burns hotter and higher for Diamonds
And they're unscratchable, but my teeth can bite 'em.

I am in a state of bliss when my finger tips grip
on the cold stone facet of a gem chip.

The instant it touches my tongue
then my tastebuds burst and I fill up my lungs.

Take a deep breath of this mineral incense
Isn't this the best thing, it's IMMENSE.

If I could have another, I can keep the feeling going.
I feel amazing, like it's crazy never slowing.

And I know the only way for me to maintain...
Is to make more minerals flowin into my veins.

Verse 2

Cold shivers, my whole liver it quivers
From the pain in my brain if I can't get it delivered

Another Ruby.. or just another sliver
of a semiprecious stone from up the river.

I would give my left arm for another taste
Didn't Rarity have me dig up another case?

And I know the Cakes... using some to decorate.
Damn this nervous tick, it's making my buckin' teeth grate.

It ain't steaing if they don't catch...
They won't know if I replace it with another batch.

They'll understand if I help myself into their stash
I'd eat a jewel... even if I found it in the trash.

I NEED this rock in my BLOOD, this is INSANE.
Shame is irrelevant, gotta get my fix MANE...

Cause I know the only way for me to maintain...
Is to take more minerals deep into my veins.

Look at all the shiny things...
Look at all the the jewels and the rings
Look at all the gems and the bling
Look at everything.
Think of all joy that it brings.
And boy it makes your heart sing.
and you're Hungry for the gems.
Don't you lie, you cannot pretend.
Covet what you can till the end.
I can understand.
The feeling of the crystals in your hands
You fiending for it more than you can stand.

It ain't a problem if you don't see it.
And when you do, there's a chance that you won't believe it.

You see you're fiending so hard you resort to thievin
You turn from cute baby dragon to fanatic demon.

And when you wake up on the floor covered in a cold sweat.
And the last few days you forget.

Your friends feel betrayed, and they're hurt and upset.
Cause you played them for fools all so you can just get

Your filthy mits upon another bright shiny thing.
You'll try anything thing for that nice diamond ring.

And here you are all alone with disgust in their eyes.
Was the pain of the gems worth the quench of the high?
Track Name: Re-Elevate & Remember (1000 Subscriber Special)
Lookin in the mirror I can see the past
Images and Memories just beyond my grasp.

And it's a cliche: My hands are reaching.
But the act within my mind is a deep thing.

I... Know struggles and tough times.
This San Palomino foal grew in this world of rough lines.

ANd Eventually to bust rhymes.
But I must say, every single step on the path wasn't "Just Fine"

I had started from little to nothing.
Whittle a soul down, and you tend to find something.

And in the eyes of a child with nothing to lose
Found all the strength in the hunger of something to prove.

Moved lyrics and wrote words with acrobatic ease
Flowed verses ~ brought queens to their knees.

And when the mark appeared, left home to begin a quest.
To walk the land and collab with Equestria's best.


Try to think when this show made you laugh
Where your life was before, how much more is it at?

An Exorbitant mass of the friendship, that
is the key. Go with the force of the path.

Elevate Rise Lift from the Ground
Pride in my Rhymes, I can tell you ~ This is the Sound.

Tried pleasing every single pony ~This isn't how
to Improve. I'm in the midst of it now.

Collaborated and played with the big names
And in this game, ain't necessary to spit flames

If you can, it's a quick claim ~ for bit fame.
If you can't, no shame, but no reason to quit playin.

I'm sayin this is the forum to try rappin
In other fandoms the norm is that it just wouldn't happen.

So don't abandon your dreams because bad peeps
trashin all your lyrics and beats because they can't speak

To the days and the weeks you spent drafting
Mastering tracks of the raps you kept crafting

All Rhyme Flow's gladly asking is
to keep elevating till your song is Lasting

(alt verse)

I remember like it's last year.
Rhyme Flow didn't live in the past here.

Back here all the Rappers made a pact here.
Stick together and just weather all the bad fears.


Back then a brony was quite rare.
And to hear a brony rapper was quite the site there.

And I liked "there" cause they was a band of brothers.
Just Bro's into ponies had the backs of each other.

Nowadays we are bigger than I ever dreamed.
And we have a bigger scene. Record Deals, Animation Teams

But it's sad to see the passion turn to fame.
The love turn to money, and the fun up in flames.

They say it's not a game, it's a shame, cause it is.
Cause in the end we just wanna be little kids.

But it's not the end, the light is not an ember.
To ignite it, all we gotta do is remember.
Track Name: system_error
Here's the story... I played Mirror's Edge for the first time ever. It lead me to this Russian Video about these guys who illegally climbed the tallest building in Russia, and up the tallest crane situated on it.

Here's the video:

The beat kicks in around 2:27.
At about 4 min the song AND the video become... very cool.
And by the time I'm done with the video... I want to write on this track.

It's THIS dude's track

Anyway, some things about this song and video.... it's one of my first songs that's my natural voice. If i'm going to be playing BronyCon/OtherPalooza I'm not going to need to pitch my voice... so you might as well get used to it. XD

I'm not sure why but maybe it's the fact that they were breaking laws for their own enjoyment... maybe because no one else was getting hurt, and they were sticking it to "the man", it compelled me to write a track that reflected that spirit of anarchy and rebellion.

YOUTUBE LINK: https://youtu.be/zdZadwJHQso
Track Name: Hail Trixie
Come with me... Hail Trixie
Power's what you seek, that's what I am here
Now, do you wanna try me on...
La dadada, la la la la

Come with me... Hail Trixie
Power's what you seek, that's what I am here
Now, do you wanna try me on...
La dadada, la la la la

I ain't a killa but don't tempt me
Revenge is like the sweetest joy imminently deadly.

Picture all your spells unloaded.
Power words being quoted.

All your followers amazed and devoted.
They'll bow down praying for their mercy you bestow them.

When you bust these doors open
you will show them, you're the chosen.

Now pay attention.

Alicorn magic is empathic.
So your rage congests like traffic.
Once you tap it, then it's havoc.
and your magic's tragic.

Channeling the spirits of the ancients.
When you rain the rage of hatred.
Turning basic to amazing.

Their ill-fated.
Activate your hate, let it break, to the flame and
Spells rip, drain it till it drips, never stop to aim.

I say the game is all corrupt, I'm just an assist
to bust, Magic Systems spittin' dust in the wind.

Plus, Sombra told me never stop. Until these ponies drop.
Buck the world till we on the top.
It's just as well, Hail Trixie.


I see your eyes with a flicker of interest.
An instance where you were defeated, just embarrassed and incensed.

I insist, If you want revenge do not miss this.
I'm mystical, unethical but still here I exist.

And next this, amulet will magically exit
any enemy within your visual nexus

Connected to your line of sight,
I will imbue you with an Alicorn's kind of Might.

The type that finds you, binds you, blinds your eyes.
And then combines all the magic force inside your mind.


There's a price for your power.
If ever you were sweet or kind, be advised ~ you'll go sour.

For your hunger that I feed, you will feed mine.
I will bleed your soul till you're cruel, paranoid and mean.


Telling you, if you wish to seek the divine.
Just give a little bit of your soul, and all will be fine.

Would I ever lie to you?
C'mon I want you to win, drop the false hesitation I see through you.

And I knew you'd be the one to pick me.
Together we bringin victory, you've got nothing to lose Trixie.
Track Name: TARDIS Trigger
I turn the clock back 200 years in the past and in this system
Is a world powered by steam,innovation and visions.

And a girl driven by dreams, inspiration and rhythm
is assured that her things through perspiration and physics

Will transcend modern invention and venture to the future
Who should be the ones mentioned and featured to use her.

But before any seduce her, her times cut short.
Cause the Sky sends a bolt of lightning to just sort of

sever and never to let her wings ever take flight.
But ne'er did that stop this mare to make right.

And a pair of wings she might carefully build tight.
From the darkness of the ground she found the sky's light.

And with intuition and some fission
She commissioned time travel, unravelling with precision.

That it happened, Abby's emphatically glad decision
As Companion to the Doctor it had to be in this mission.

I'm a sinner, I'm a saint.
You can come but you can never complain.
You can bear the weight, but not the pain.
You can know me but no, never my name.

I'm the fury. I am the wind.
I'm the breeze that teases against your skin.
I'm the Doctor, and you - Sprocket can follow.
I'm the Doctor Who can unlock tomorrow.

And it's said that the one with the Blue Box
Has two hearts, but one soul and through talks

Can persuade an alien race to move spots
And trade the fate of planet with just a few thoughts.

And whose sought for help to save a few lost.
But ultimately saves the world as the true plot.

And who's got the universe upon his shoulders?
And holds himself accountable for the fallen soldiers?

That's the mind of the last of the time lords.
A time machine and a screwdriver his prime force.

But never leave him alone because he cries more.
That's why he needs companions at his sides for.

That's why he needs you Sprocket to be his guide for.
To be his light to shine inside his minds door.

Help him, remind him why he has to fight for.
The creatures he loves, the ones he'd give his life for.

No man's an Island and you can find him
Piloting his Blue Box and hiding behind his smiling.

And his silent eyes pine for a time when life's idle.
But until then, why don't you ride up along side him.
Track Name: Ballad of Whitetail Woods
You be my AJ, and I’ll be your Dash...
I’ll follow behind you along the path...
I’ll warn you of tree stumps so you can get past…
I promise.

No one can touch us if we don’t run apart.
But if you get tired, I’ll give you a head start...
When we run together we’ll always go far...
With our hooves and our hearts...

And the finish line... is just around the bend.
My rainbow mane, and your hat upon your head...
Let’s run again...


La da da da daaaa.... Lad da da....

Twilight is coming, let her go ahead.
And we’ll hang behind and let her win instead.
And as we look back, we’ll have no regrets
I’ll catch up to you...

We’ll party out with Pinkie and DJ...
Cause Vinyl has that bass to make exhaustion fade away...
And the finish line... is just around the bend...
My rainbow mane, and your hat upon your head…

Oh the finish line, is just around the bend…
My rainbow mane, and your hat upon your head…
let’s go again
To Whitetail Woods
And Equestria…


And Ponyville


Ladadada Celestia….
Track Name: I Even Lift by Nikki Layne
The Gym is my temple.
Weight Lifting's half physical half mental
Push your self from the edge to the next level.
Never settle for less, press the heavy metal.

I'mma spot you buddy.
Watch, you'll do squats correct, and not funny
If you wanna do forms the right way, then study.
Do I even lift? You bet dummy.

Verse 1

I see you staring at my little wings.
You think their weak tiny brittle things?
I beg to differ, cause if ever we go toe-to-toe
My wing power is King, while you flying in slo-mo

And yeah the size isn't riveting
But I'm at my peak - physical conditiong
For what I lack, I in fact have in raw force.
You want horsepower? Cause I'm a STRONG HORSE.

Every sinew has been well trained.
And every muscle has been hardened like a welding
Of all the metal that I push in the weight room.
Crush every rep for every gain that I make soon.

And then some cardio for good measure.
I work hard for the pain and never should pleasure.
Cause if it's easy then you aren't at your limit.
You didn't benefit from the training at the beginning.


The Gym is my temple.
Weight Lifting's half physical half mental
Push your self from the edge to the next level.
Never settle for less, press the heavy metal.

Fix your pose or it'll hurt you.
Don't lock your knees, you'll make it worse too.
Let's do laps now galloping for five miles.
This ain't a game to me, yo it's my life style.

Verse 2

The name's Snow Flake, my flank reps a Dumbell.
And I will showcase my rank having some skill

Thankfully I'm axiously awaiting on the Wonderbolts
I've run the course with the best and I'm gonna hope

I was a colt up in cloudsdale
When I was told to give up, and that I'd fail.

Tiny little pegasi wings couldn't cut it. And I cried,
while my parents sighed, aspirations plummet.

And I wanted it as much they wanted it
I was haunted with the thought if I fought it that I would never be on it.

But I caught it. The bug to work hard and move on it.
I'll condition myself till my body wanted to vomit.

And I pushed harder then any other pony in honest
Stayed modest, while my muscles beneath became solid.

Mauled it on the day of the race, basically called it.
A cutie mark appeared on my flank, fears dissolved.


The Gym is my temple.
Weight Lifting's half physical half mental
Push your self from the edge to the next level.
Never settle for less, press the heavy metal.

Because the gain's worth the misery
Because the pain is a gift to me.
And that every Rep that I Rip
Is a step to the path of the fact that I lift.
Track Name: Vine by Beat Rider
Knew a man with a hard work ethic.
A Driven individual with skills so technic.

Excellent and unmatched, unlimited in that
capacity. Not a bad personality.

In his strength was a weak link.
Cause when you rise in the ranks your's the prize other's teeth sink.

Other guys see the meat, think
Use lies and other wily devices like a heat seek

ballistic. Sick and sadistic
You're instincts get flipped, and then you missed it.

And this is the abyss, that the rumor mill built.
And the life that you had, all the lies still killed.

Full tilt, you swell with ill guilt.
Cause the misstep you felt, trippin on full stilts.

And it's fulfilled your fail has peeled all your layers.
The will of the grapevine, sealed by the haters.

CHORUS: (0:59)

Divine is the vine when it finds you.
Lies that'll strangle and bind as it ties you.

If you hide or you try to
Fly from the site, it's the lies that rise up behind you.

No Escape from the Grape Vine, it'll take sinners and saints
From the Insane to the Great Minds.

only remedy is take time.
Even the holy and the wise are unsafe from the fake lie.


A seed planted will breed man into deep havoc
They'll need packets of xanax so they can breathe dammit.

And these habits will bleed men into weak addicts
At least that'll completely make the beef static.

Once he's had it, the peace vanishes, he's damaged.
Cause he's saddened by these events, grief, panic.

Belief wavers and trusts shatters, his heart siezes.
The Winter thrust on his soul, soley a dark season.

A hard reason, but seriously, a rumor does it.
Consumes your body like tumor in your mind's oven.

The size of it can double when lies touch it.
And as such, despise fills ya eyes than ya plummet.

And you never really recover, the scars ever present
Resenting any mention of it. It's never endin'

And eventu-ly everybody you ever even knew
Will be poisoned by lie and will never believe you.


Tick tock the sands of time drain.
And you're locked in the guilt of the rumor mind game.

Your life deccimated to a fraction.
your past jaded with vile hated reactions.

Inaction in a sedentary state.
Agoraphobic tendencies tend to activate

And it's fascinating > seeing a man once great
Reduced to a pitiful mass, a numb state.

But it doesn't last forever, you die or you grow.
Get your ass together, or quit the live show.

Even I know, a man of your caliber, can pull
and put 9 mills up against your temple.

Successfully... end your life...so fast.
Or you can man up, and admit you might last.

And you can move forward with the scars of the past.
But no man is safe from the Rumor Mill's Grasp.