Re​-​Elevate & Remember

by Rhyme Flow (MC Flowny)



Buffalo came to me with the original collaboration idea. I think I coined the name 'Elevation', and we wrote about our origin stories... and about how aspiring rappers should keep their head up and keep elevating their skills. I always come back to these lyrics for inspiration and to see my own origins. But the alternate meaning of Re-Elevate & Remember is to take a step back from this sometimes over-sized and stressful community and really try to think on why we do what we do.

It's a look back on 2010, when this fandom was just getting off the ground and guys were writing music for it... because they WANTED to. They knew they were a minority, and weren't looking for recognition. They just loved a show so much that they were INSPIRED TO CREATE MUSIC FOR IT.

So remember why you love this show, and with that feeling: re-elevate yourself.


Lookin in the mirror I can see the past
Images and Memories just beyond my grasp.

And it's a cliche: My hands are reaching.
But it's the act within my mind is a deep deep thing.

I know struggles and tough times.
This San Palomino foal grew in this world of rough lines.

And Eventually to bust rhymes.
But I must say, every single step on the path wasn't "Just Fine"

I had started from little to nothing.
Whittle a soul down, and you tend to find something.

And in the eyes of a child with nothing to lose
Found all the strength in the hunger of something to prove.

Moved lyrics and wrote words with acrobatic ease
Flowed verses ~ brought queens to their knees.

And when the mark appeared, left home to begin a quest.
To walk the land and collab with Equestria's best.

Try to think when this show made you laugh
Where your life was before, how much more is it at?

An Exorbitant mass of the friendship, that
is the key. Go with the force of the path.

Elevate Rise Lift from the Ground
Pride in my Rhymes, I can tell you ~ This is the Sound.

Tried pleasing every single pony ~This isn't how
to Improve. I'm in the midst of it now.

Collaborated and played with the big names
And in this game, ain't necessary to spit flames

If you can, it's a quick claim ~ for bit fame.
If you can't, no shame, but no reason to quit playin.

I'm sayin this is the forum to try rappin
In other fandoms the norm is that it just wouldn't happen.

So don't abandon your dreams because bad peeps
trashin all your lyrics and beats because they can't speak

To the days and the weeks you spent drafting
Mastering tracks of the raps you kept crafting

All Rhyme Flow's gladly asking is
to keep elevating till your song is Lasting

I remember like it's last year.
Rhyme Flow didn't live in the past here.

Back here all the Rappers made a pact here.
Stick together and just weather all the bad fears.

Back then a brony was quite rare.
And to hear a brony rapper was quite the site there.

And I liked "there" cause they was a band of brothers.
Just Bro's into ponies had the backs of each other.

Nowadays we are bigger than I ever dreamed.
And we have a bigger scene. Record Deals, Animation Teams

But it's sad to see the passion turn to fame.
The love turn to money, and the fun up in flames.

They say it's not a game, it's a shame, cause it is.
Cause in the end we just wanna be little kids.

But it's not the end, the light is not an ember.
To ignite it, all we gotta do is remember.


released February 24, 2013
Jay Sean, Sean Paul & Lil' Jon for 'Do You Remember"



all rights reserved


Rhyme Flow (MC Flowny) San Diego, California

I'm a hip-hop artist that has thrived in the Brony Community since 2012. I love meeting new people and collaborating with new talented musicians.

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