All That Shines

by Rhyme Flow (MC Flowny)



I haven't sold my tracks before... but I would like to raise money for my expenses to BronyCon! Here's some details about this song:

I've been wanting to do a collab with Nameless Warning since... FOR A WHILE. He gave me 1/4 of a beat idea he had in mind, but then we BOTH got busy. Fast forward 3 months later, and we touched base again.

He gave me this beat. I had JUST watched 'Just For Sidekicks', and I noticed HOW jewels made Spike go a little... crack fiend sometimes. The nature of the beast is greed, and I thought it would be interesting to look at Spike's greed like a drug addiction.

Watch the Video On Youtube:


Look at all the shiny things...
Look at all the the jewels and the rings
Look at all the gems and the bling
Look at everything.
Think of all joy that it brings.
And boy it makes your heart sing.
and you're Hungry for the gems.
Don't you lie, you cannot pretend.
Covet what you can till the end.
I can understand.
The feeling of the crystals in your hands
You fiending for it more than you can stand.

(Verse 1)

Ain't no shame in tryna claim all that glitters and glows
All them rocks jewels and gems that your friends hold.

what do they know about the flavor of a Sapphire?
Or the taste of an emerald over Cast Iron

Desire burns hotter and higher for Diamonds
And they're unscratchable, but my teeth can bite 'em.

I am in a state of bliss when my finger tips grip
on the cold stone facet of a gem chip.

The instant it touches my tongue
then my tastebuds burst and I fill up my lungs.

Take a deep breath of this mineral incense
Isn't this the best thing, it's IMMENSE.

If I could have another, I can keep the feeling going.
I feel amazing, like it's crazy never slowing.

And I know the only way for me to maintain...
Is to make more minerals flowin into my veins.


(Verse 2)

Cold shivers, my whole liver it quivers
From the pain in my brain if I can't get it delivered

Another Ruby.. or just another sliver
of a semiprecious stone from up the river.

I would give my left arm for another taste
Didn't Rarity have me dig up another case?

And I know the Cakes... using some to decorate.
Damn this nervous tick, it's making my buckin' teeth grate.

It ain't steaing if they don't catch...
They won't know if I replace it with another batch.

They'll understand if I help myself into their stash
I'd eat a jewel... even if I found it in the trash.

I NEED this rock in my BLOOD, this is INSANE.
Shame is irrelevant, gotta get my fix MANE...

Cause I know the only way for me to maintain...
Is to take more minerals deep into my veins.


It ain't a problem if you don't see it.
And when you do, there's a chance that you won't believe it.

You see you're fiending so hard you resort to thievin
You turn from cute baby dragon to fanatic demon.

And when you wake up on the floor covered in a cold sweat.
And the last few days you forget.

Your friends feel betrayed, and they're hurt and upset.
Cause you played them for fools all so you can just get

Your filthy mits upon another bright shiny thing.
You'll try anything thing for that nice diamond ring.

And here you are all alone with disgust in their eyes.
Was the pain of the gems worth the quench of the high?


released February 7, 2012
Produced by Nameless Warning who generously allows me to sell this track with his blessing so I can raise some money to perform at the biggest Brony Convention in ZA WORLD!!



all rights reserved


Rhyme Flow (MC Flowny) San Diego, California

I'm a hip-hop artist that has thrived in the Brony Community since 2012. I love meeting new people and collaborating with new talented musicians.

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