by Rhyme Flow (MC Flowny)



I.Am.Rhyme.Flow.2012 is a compilation Fundraising Album to help me get to BronyCon2013. 19 tracks released over the course of July through December 2012 that allowed me to work with amazing and talented other Brony Musicians.

These collaborations helped me meet musicians of all different styles and genres as well as gain amazing friends and fans.

Now the reality of this album is that all these songs ARE free and available to download either from me or the artist I collaborated with. Some of them were part of charity albums, or compilation albums.

I just wanted to put them all together in one sexy little package. Airfare + Hotel + Car Rental isn't going to be cheap, and I'm hoping sales from this album help me get to perform at BronyPalooza with my friends!

2012 was an amazing year, and with it came some amazing musical experiences. I am Rhyme Flow... and this is my 2012 album compilation!




all rights reserved


Rhyme Flow (MC Flowny) San Diego, California

I'm a hip-hop artist that has thrived in the Brony Community since 2012. I love meeting new people and collaborating with new talented musicians.

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Track Name: Colortwelve & Rhyme Flow - Brew ~ The Prequel (7.9.12)
Pinkie -
gimme a sec to take in all of your words
you tryna tell me that you want the spin the world in reverse

and bake a portal to a different time a different dimension
and then attempt to save your parents with a time intervention.?

Hold up.
Now I ain't sayin what you want can be done.
But then again we got an Alicorn that raises the sun.

Check it.
I'll check my recipes to see what we got.
No harm in messing with the universe, let's give it a shot.

This book I have is admanantly saying this is taboo.
That if we tap into the time-stream that we're the breakin the rules.

But hay, it's an experiment, and your reasons good.
To do a little voodoo magic like a good daughter should.

Now here's a list, take your time and make sure everything's perfect.
Because you only get one chance, it'd better be worth it.

Pay attention to the words that I'm about to describe.
Cause if you mess up just a little you will probably die.

Now, it's says 'caution' - it's probably a guideline.
I don't see a problem with maybe dicing the timeline.

A fine line between madness and kindness.
If it was just me, honestly, I wouldn't try this.

But it's just advice, you can take it now or leave it.
And you could live your life knowing you never succeeded.

And believe me, I can tell in your voice, you really need it.
To bring your parents back would be an emtpy life, completed.

Don't ever think I'd ever let a pony leave defeated.
So after cracking basilisk eggs... make sure to beat it.

And the time dough, please take time to really knead it.
The lack of folding space equates the wormhole's overheated.

And the LAST THING we need is another event horizon.
But if you do it right you'll find the cake is slowly rising.

And voila! You've created and baked a time rift.
Or a Magic-based Culinary Paradigm Shift.

Once you go, the portal is up to you.
And you can tweak the recipe to change what it'll do.

Before I let you leave, would you mind signing the waiver.
I'll need that signed in blood, put your hoof upon the paper.

There is a small chance you'll unlock the great abyss.
But what the hell, you do it for the parents that you miss.
Track Name: Dog Diamonds (8.1.12)
Beneath the earth under the dirt / below the subterranean passages
past the masses of the black facets / It is the land hid in the back
Beyond the track, deep into the depths of the darkest of all paths.

We are a race of ravenous wrath beings.
Some fast feeding, furious mad heaving get that ass beaten..
And that's meaning you passed the first meeting, and by pass
I mean you last - the rip & thrash greeting.

Our calling cards are shards of gems - bound around our necks.
Embedded in leather, a sign of respect.
And the better and more precious a gem is.
The more venomous and more likely to wreck - that veteran is.

And we are pack minded. Meaning Omegas straight attack
While the Alphas plan ahead designing trap mines.
These fine devices devised by wry bastards.
And you will find in these Mine Shafts - divine Masters

We the diamond dogs, our dog diamonds
glimmer underneath the dim of Earth and keep shining.
So keep an eye on your rocks, or you'll get rocked on.
These dogs are off of the leash, and you'll get dogged on.

Who let the dogs out?
Who let the dogs out?
Who let the dogs out?
We let the dogs out!

Better climb if you find yourself lost here.
We the canines that dine upon your heart's fear.

I won't stop you, becoming self independent.
If you want to venture into the pit, then go ahead and
Don't blame me if you fall off a cliff or get beheaded.
Cause you Dance with the Dogs - admit - your life has ended.

Been in the clutches of the dogs before.
I've seen their fury underground like they gods of war.
Soulless beasts who can gorge and feast upon the living.
Cerberus has a far better chance to be forgiving
Now, there is another who survived this feat..
An urban legend of girl who connived and schemed.
Instead of pleading for her life, she decides to treat
them to a mind trick, and in the end defies their greed.

A rare breed of a beautiful sly manipulator.
And confined as a prisoner, doesn't try to escape
Buys time with confusion, until her friends can save her
When in fact, it's the dogs whose dying to separate her.


It's a rare case, so - let it marinate.
Go tell your pony friends - that this Mare's great.
Go share that Diamond Dogs got all their nerves grated.
And that one pony was more than they anticipated.

And that within one day she was the most hated.
And that this chance occurence was truly ill fated.
And that a pony's whining is simply understated.
A Rarity indeed - it cannot be debated.
Track Name: Colortwelve ft. Rhyme Flow - Ascension (8.16.12)
These memories I hold in my mind
Are a figment of time painted by a pigment of lies
And by this, I mean I can't exactly call them precise
But through a rose colored lens, all the pictures are nice,
I mean it. What I remember from a time long ago
Is when I wore the uniform, I had stolen the show,
I was a bolt of wonder. I stunned all the colts
I brought the cold stone thunder. I was a Wonderbolt,
And I, in the blink of an eye, could shatter sound,
From miles in the sky, I could graze the flat of the ground
And then, you couldn't hear the sound of my wings
Because the sonic boom I pounded only left you with rings
And it brings a tear to my eye, that move became legend
It was the source of my pride, center of attention,
And I mentioned it every minute, every chance I could do it
Until the moment that I couldn't; was the moment I blew it

It was the fall in September, cause the leaves had been run,
It was the fall I can remember, cause it ended my run
As a member of the Wonderbolts, like setting the sun,
Just like the end of the day, it was the end of the fun
I didn't - have it within me to summon the boom
And I was stuck, like Luna's 1000 years up on the moon
It was the only thing I really had in life to define me
And with it gone, I was lost so bad my friends couldn't find me
Inside me I felt I was dying, cause I thrived on attention
And then it went the other way, because I strived on dissension
The tension I felt, eventually dissolved into apathy
Rapidly unhappy and devolving me to a tragedy,
What had happened to me? Cause in the sky, I was the ruler,
I had a fan club, making me 20 percent cooler,
But when I lost the sonic rainboom, I could never go back
Like in a hospital, when your lifeline, goes 10 seconds - flat

So what? You think that I'm dead?
You think the life I chose, I was in way over my head?
You think that after falling down from grace I hid in my bed,
A stack of Daring Do novels I was reading instead?
Yeah it's true, I hid away in the stories,
Became an egghead in my darkest hour, shamed of my glories
And entertained myself with anecodotes, adventures and quests
About a pony who only gave her absolute best
And made an absolute mess of the foes that she encountered,
And then I noticed something was strange, something about her
Like she had all this hidden strength, like a power bounded around her
It was the fact she never gave up, made me never doubt her
And these stories were so familiar - they were stories of me,
And Twilight slipped them in the pages, hoping that I would see
In that the hero in the story, was as plain as can be
And so I did the Daring thing, and I dared to be me.
Track Name: VINXIS & Rhyme Flow ft. Feather - Dream (8.24.12)
Think back to a time in the past
when you had aspirations and dreams to move fast.

You had heroes,and role models and leaders.
And you failed several times but never stayed defeated.

And you believed in yourself when others didn't.
But you cherished in the fact - that you could never fit in.

And you did, what others thought forbidden.
You stayed on your path while others thought you were kiddin.

You didn't think after all those years
You would drink in success after all those fears.

Admittedly you were in it from the beginnin
And if anyone was destined to win it, you'd in a minute.

Put in the effort involved was your bravado.
And then showing off your skills in a flash would be your motto.

Bottle it up and add a dash of class.
Then BOOM. Your burning the competition to ASH.

From the lines of the wide horizon
You rise from the skies and fly beside the titans.

Mighty and fine, and you blaze with grace.
You're On pace in this race to the take the 1st place.

The main player in the face of neighsayers.
An ace in the the air, make 'em taste the space layer.

Or ozone as it's otherwise known.
you leave 'em gaspin for breath, while you takin the gold home.

But don't let the praise go to your head.
Use humility to fuel your abilities instead.

Cause when you're grounded your foundations are built better.
You can withstand the earthquakes, and ill weather.

And still tethered to the roots of your being.
The truth is you're only limited to what you can see.

Meaning the sky's the limit, so you just keep trying.
Use your dreams as the reasons so that you keep flying.
Track Name: CIRE ft. Rhyme Flow - Fluttercity (8.27.12)
Gotta cautionary tale that you wanna hear.
Bout a filly really shy pretty filled with fear.

Put up in a pretty tough situation.
Made to take trip that caused rough hesitation.

Anyone could've done it with without much work.
But then again, ANYONE WASN'T JUST HER.

To MUSTER the courage, more-than-enough SIR.
to even THINK to do it, yo she was UNSURE.

But then again it's a family affair.
And if she - didn't attend, there'd be nobody there.

So Long story short, the result wasn't pretty.
Imma tell you 'bout Fluttershy in the city.

Started with a letter from a distant relative.
and that this elderly mare, had little to live.

With no heirs to care, she had little to give.
But remembered all the kindness Fluttershy did.

In a bid to commend her for all her kind work.
She invited the filly to stand beside her.

A MINOR request, at best many kind words.
But guess what? Fluttershy'd rather DIE FIRST.

Don't get it twisted, she loved the old mare.
But at the time she helped, she was just-not-there.

And by there, I mean the big city.
The noise, and the buildings, & the people moving quickly.

And strictly-speaking, Flutter's a country girl.
In a way Canterlot is like Disneyworld.

And Not a dizzy world, spinning like Manehattan.
Where if you play the game wrong, anything can happen.

And happen, things DID to her.
After stepping out the Cab, she clipped the curb.

And ran into a vendor, sending his wares tumbling.
Too scared to say she's sorry, she's just mumbling.

She got lost, then ac-costed by a Diamond Dog.
Who was -tryna pawn -watch that he lied he 'bought'.

And he GOT 20 bits out of Flutter.
He thanked her for time, as the watch starts to sputter.

So she tried to spread her wings and just fly away.
Then Police said today wasn't flying day.

She'd pay a fine if she flew out of order.
But if she wants, she could take a cab to the border.

And this sordid affair only got worse.
The gift that she brought she had dropped in her purse.

She forgot. So she didn't have it, ~ she was getting frantic
Now emphatically manic, she was having panic attacks.


What's a girl to do.

Lost in a city you feel's spitting on you.
And the truth is - any other Pony would give up now.

But beneath Fluttershy is a tough gal.

So she cried, then she dried her eyes.
And she asked for directions from the nearest guy.

And Rhyme Flow took her straight to the Mare's Front door.
It's anti-climactic but then why would you want more?
Track Name: Soul Tension ft. Rhyme Flow & Koroshi-Ya - Diamonds in the Making (9.16.12)
(Flowny's Lyrics Only)

Applejack has like no vision.
And Fluttershy's got no ambition.

And Twilight studies too hard.
And Rainbow never could start.

And Pinkie Pie's always losing focus. In my mind Rarity really is the Dopest.
And you can quote this.

This ain't a flow of best Pony.
Pinkie Pie is my girl, She is my one and only.

No this is all about Strength of Character ~ Ambition and Will
To rise beyond your means and thrive by using skill.

Let me paint a picture of a perfect pony from a small town.
Stumbled from humble beginnings, she was homebound.


And it started with a wish to design - A wish to remind
A wish to entwine you in a costume crafted so fine.

No cost was too much to make it showtime.
And OH MY.

She used her talents to find gems that both shined
and glittered like the nuggets in a gold mine.

And I can tell you that her talents were a perk.
But she also had to put the hard work.

I said she also had to put the hard work.
Track Name: Return of Disharmony (9.29.12)
Before you were born
Back in the days when I could mold the world
To how I saw it
Behold the chaos brought down
From flying orbit

Give me what I want
Nothin but a storm
All the ponies run
Forever won't be long, will it?

Order in the court, better yet, bring Disorder in the Court.
Discord plays accordion of course.
He's the Weird Al of the pony verse, only worse.
And his reign is a blessing and curse.

A blessing to the weird and chaotic and demented.
A curse to the rest of list not represented.
Back in control like a Game Pad
Making all the sane mad. Making all the insane glad.

And it ain't bad. What's wrong with a little Chocolate Rain.
Giraffe legged rabbits, and the Buffalo Ballet.
A few seconds before the night and the day.
You might wanna play in a minute, and then nap within the shade.

Chaos is the way of the world,
and order is the way that it settles when all has unfurled.
Chaos is the sand in the pearl.
Chaos is the way that the Oyster makes all of the colors swirl.

Who would ever want to take that away?
It's like living in eternal night, never calling on the day.
Oh wait, you considered her a bad guy.
Trust this Draconequus Put order on the Standby.
Track Name: Flutterbully ft. Rhyme Flow - Shadowbolt Dash (10.3.12)
(Rhyme Flow)
In the night time sky, I feel the shadows blazing across in the corner of my eye
Is it a nightmare is it a dream?
The burning of the buildings and the echoes of the screams.
And the piercing howls of the laughter
Ashes and the bodies and the tears hereafter.
In the darkness, in our midsts
Rainbow Dash with the Shadowbolts
Battle from the mists.

(Flutter Bully)
Done, I've had it, I'm outta the game
Gilda was right I shoulda left, ponyville is lame
It's the same damn blame game tattered with shame
In my heart there's a flame, won't stop until I get fame
Don't you see sweet pea? It's a fucking disease
I'll ravage the land won't stop until I please
What's that fluttershy you don't think that I'm me?
Well let's see get down on your knees
Rainbow mane? Yep yep check
Still got that hyper narcissistic complex
Laughing as my friend is a nervous wreck?
The only thing I don't have is your respect
You're an insect, a tiny little bug
And no fluttershy I won't give you a hug
Won't cheer you up, won't make you feel better
You're steppin to the best evildoing trend setter

(Rhyme Flow)

In the night time sky, I feel the shadows blazing across in the corner of my eye
Is it a nightmare is it a dream?
The burning of the buildings and the echoes of the screams.
And the piercing howls of the laughter
Ashes and the bodies and the tears hereafter.
In the darkness, in our midsts
Rainbow Dash with the Shadowbolts
Battle from the mists.

You forSAKE me, now I will BREAK these bonds.
TAKES me less than 10-seconds to MAKE bombs.
Shatter Sound barriers with Napalm and Rage
Laced with awesome displays of Atomic Hate.

Who'd ever think that the power of a Shadow Bolt
Would shatter a colt and batter down all the town folk.
You on the ground quivering while I bring the fury.
I'm grinding Ponyville to grounds, in a glorious hurry.

Of all the Horsemen, you call me Wrath.
Cause this Rainbow Dash you knew dipped in Acidic Baths
From the ashes I am born I bring Pony Destruction.
It sucks doesn't it? BUt it is my ONLY FUNCTION.

Where's your goddess now? Where's your Mare-do-well?
Take your love and your friendship while you prepare for hell.
I am the NIGHT MARE, And this is MY DREAM.

In the night time sky,
I feel the shadows blazing across in the corner of my eye
Is it a nightmare is it a dream?
The burning of the buildings and the echoes of the screams.
And the piercing howls of the laughter
Ashes and the bodies and the tears hereafter.
In the darkness, in our midsts
Rainbow Dash with the Shadowbolts
Battle from the mists.
In the flames of a city
With the chaos in the mix
And the rage of pony
Is the only that exist.
Track Name: Ibeabronyrapper ft. Rhyme Flow - Dodge This (10.14.12)
(Verse 1- Flowny)
Rhyme Specimen I'm pressin Rewind
To a better time, when it was evident Vinyl spendin time

doin due dilligence, music built with intelligence.

'stead of this, Rapin' and Pillagin of our innocence.

This ~Room Elephant~ I am making developments.
And tryna raise the bar by which other rappers are settlin'

It's unsettlin', I am out of my element.
But I am in the middle of lighting it with the filament.


I fill the bulb with the current.
Electricity is emitting out of my words and

in a burst of pony poetic power - I compel you
compare your past performances to path of my venue.

And then you ~ enter a place you've never been to.
And if you don't improve then clearly you never meant to.

You may have ducked the quality before you had to watched this.
But check the ConCept, you will never manage to dodge this.

Verse 2- Ibeabronyrapper

parasprite backlash hear the backtrack
as we attack back a duo track rap
your in a past blast, take the bash back
thats yah last chance, watch a cat dance

I'm this puppetter your watchin in fear
see discord is near and his goal is clear
He'll put you in tears distort what's held dear
You jump to the rear and your vision vears

wrap up the nonsense the constant comments
dominance is ominous upon this progress
hot mess still the best applejack honest
stop this flow hay no can't dodge this

It's like a royal wedding of these two new flows
from two new bros who just let go
turnin up speakers we're leakin ether
Dodge this heat, nah ConCept flow reaper

Wing Power is reaching critical mass
And we sending a funnel of flow, in pummeling past.
Plus the bass blast, carries you into space fast.
You couldn't dodge this verse hope you wearing a face mask.

In a trance dang dance like orangatangs
Beat like a bangarang retract like a boomerang
see lyrical oddness i am spoutin non sense
losing all my concepts, lemme try n dodge this

Duck dive, and juke, manuever backflip
Do whatever you can to dodge this Rap Script.
Haphazard masters, inglorious bastards.
Beyond fantastic - light speed BUT FASTER.

I'm the greatest invader the latest sedator
highest elevator a rap beat violater
lyrical terminator destruction for later
i gotta power greater unmatched like we're darth vader

Keep your eyes on the prize you better WaTCH THIS (flowny)
Challenge Rhyme Flow and Ibeabrony to top This. (ibeabrony)
Goto band camp, download you better cop this. (Flowny)
flows like a flood and DAMS could never stop this. (ibeabrony)
concepts hot and the bass making you drop this (Flowny)
Top these charts these ponies up on the Hot List (ibeabrony)
Not risks, guaranteed wubs, Vinyl you got this
top notch non sense tom says dodge this (Both)
Track Name: Evdog & Rhyme Flow - On The Ground (10.16.12)
Dear Girl,

Take a minute to read this letter.
It's been a while since we started being together.

I can remember using words like 'Always Forever'
We were cool and unruly, and doin whatever.


You broke it off, for whatever reasons.
I know I cried, and I tried to put back the pieces.

When we tried to make up, it was just facetious.
Cause that part of our lives was a failed thesis.


Despite the break, we remained friends.
Cause not every break up, means the game ends.

We were together for so long that we knew our faults.
We could tell from a joke and a verbal assault.


You started treating me a certain way.
Kept me up with your calls, and all you complaints.
Like having all the boyfriend duties, without all the play.
We AIN'T together, so I have to push you away.

VERSE 2 (1:28)

Spending every second of the day by my side.
At first it was cool, because I swelled with the pride.

Knowing that a girl had to be with me every single moment.
But now it stings just a little bit, don't it?

I have friends, you have friends, and they aren't with each other.
But you can't keep apart like a baby with her mother.

I'm a grown man, and you's a grown lady.
So take a day for yourself, and don't call me maybe.


I don't mean it in a mean way. It just...
Rhyme Flow needs his "ME" day.

How'd you make it through your Teen Age?
And for Pete Sakes, blowing up my CELL till my TEETH SHAKES.


You know I love you, this is JUST fact.
But you really gotta learn how to STEP BACK.

I never thought I'd be the one who'd ever stress that.
But it's my patience, and right now you 'bout to test that.

Dear Girl,

Maybe I was just a little hasty.
I said a lot of words, and words can be erased.

Maybe our time spent together made me too complacent.
Maybe the the distance that I built had me truly face it.


I'm not asking for your hand back.
Reverse the words cause I'm feeling like an 'Ass Jack'.

I'm tryna say that you relied on me and kept me on the close.
When the truth is that I leaned on you the most.

And mostly in the sense, that I liked feeling needed.
I liked being you strength when you really felt defeated.

And when the world greeted you with pain I was always on call.
and right now's where I feel I dropped the ball.


To summarize, just discard this letter.
Keep on doing what you're doing, now until whenever.

And whenever things get tough, and you don't know what to do.
I am on Speed Dial # 2.
Track Name: Fractured Elements ft. Rhyme Flow - More Than A Mark (10.21.12)
Buffalo Brony:
I was sent to the beginning (So everypony could see me winning)
To kill it with lyrical skill, but I just don't feel that I will...
The feeling within is hidden, I'm here sitting with my kitten
And just wishing that I could be kidding...
But no. I ended up setting so terribly that I effed up,
Telling me to get my beretta and set it heads up...
It's intimidating when entire identities are ended in one shot,
But that's what they get for being one-shots,
When the get washed up, they just had tough luck,
But I won't be crossed off, because I'm not balled up all into one flock.
The Buffalo, here, well, hell, better, I'm a broad shot!
So don't tell me what I can and cannot be.
This one Cutie Mark, here, is me, but that ain't all of it.
I can't be defined in one line. Ain't no trick!

Dubious Trance:
So you can string some rhymes together: let's say you're a rapper.
Recite a couple lines with passion, then we'll call you an actor.
But whatcha say? Do you know who ya are?
I worry if you say you don't, cause you'll never get far
If you showcase your skill, but forsake yourself
Ya may as well put on a mask, and pretend you're someone else.
Checking the flank, see the Mic and Stage lights,
But I'd still know who I was if it all faded to white.
My Cutie Mark has never defined me,
Nor have my special skills controlled who I'll be.
So, if you think I'm a voice then you're delirious.
I got a hungry mind too, insatiable and curious!
I like books and beats, manga, and El Sword,
Challenge me to a duel and drop ya life point!
I'm being me. So who are you?
Askin’ bout your true self, not caring what you can do.
This is my message and I hope yours too
Define your own self, and that's you're one truth.
That's it for me and now I gotta go,
So let me pass the mic over to my buddy Rhyme Flow~

Rhyme Flow:
Pass the baton, the path that I'm on
Asks that I grab the task of writing and rapping upon tracks.

And there is no better way to convey what I'm feeling.
The way, is like your lifted away, above the ceiling .

And I been around, I've been to various towns,
I can tell you what you're talent is doesn't really amount

To a lick of nothing. Only if you're passionate for something.
So don't take a step toward your dreams unless you love it.

Ty Trance:
Ty Trance on the mic for a second time,
About to spit some hidden truth that you’ll find
Behind these simple raps of mine.
You see: to put it plainly, I defined myself and it makes me: me!

The me that I am; the one the with the plan;
The one with the spark; to spit from the heart;
And rip this beat apart; defined myself as an artistic brony.
Now I’m out, and I leave the rest to my bro Flowny

Rhyme Flow:
My flank blanker than a paint canvas.
Couldn't wait, I had to have it faster than Pinkie making insane madness.

Attaining that would be brain smackingly bad,
But on that vein, I'm glad, by letting those days pass.

Now. My mark's a mic and a pen,
And I might be persuaded to write tonight then,

And I like spitting rhymes like nopony's business.
But do not forget this, that is my skill, Celestia my witness!

But don't think my skills what defines me.
You’ll find that my Flow & Rhyme is just a "thing" I do nicely.

I like cooking and drawing and singing,
And yes I do enjoy a life beyond Ponies... What's Rhyme Thinking?


I'm sinking in a thought that you can absorb,
And if you don't agree, I can show you the front door.

Like the Cutie Pox, you can have more skills than Flowny,
But if don't define yourself: you're just a sick little pony.
Track Name: MYCUTIEMARKISAGUN & Rhyme Flow - Diane's Cupcakes (10.25.12)
Don't ya smell it in the air.
Somepony hungry for tthe blood moon is comin near.
This be Nightmare Night, the mightiest break.
They shudder at the thought of becomin a cupcakes

He come Diane, Pinkamena
Hair so straight wit an insane demeanor
Seen her in the corner wit a knife and a gleam
in her eyes. Tonight another pony dies.

Hi... I'm the voice that hides inside Pinkies mind.
She thinks it's fine that we converse every single time.

If I resided inside anypony else...
They'd seek out mental help, or think that they were into hell.

Well, my luck she embraces me.
It takes a certain sanity to casually awaken me.

I've seen the depths of depravity that this girl possesses
Of the hosts i've possessed she the best by stretches.

In the sessions that share we peelin' ponies like they oranges.
Saws and syringes we diggin inside their orifices

Horror films & Stories they couldn't replicate this.
Subjugated to blades that split ligaments
And rip tendons to ribbons a hacksaw stickin in.

Blood splatters like rain puddles, and brain matter
gathers and clutters the floor to insane laughter.


And it doesn't reay matter, you can STRUGGLE, RESIST!
Cause the harder that you fight means the HARDER THAT I GRIN AND I WISH

you could show me this agony everytime I want it.
And I'm HONEST every time you faint, I WANNA VOMIT.


And these other horror song's you've heard? JUST FAKES.

I have planned and calculated the method since DAY ONE
This DEMON's been SCREAMIN for me to TASTE ONE.

It's TAKES one of these Ponies to even MAKE ONE.
How to take this horn from your head? cALL JASON.

Add in some cinnamon to it. With the Spine Fluid.
Divine drink of the Blind Druids.

When you DIE, You & I are unified INSIDE ME.
Track Name: Kyoga ft. Rhyme Flow - Slender Me (10.31.12)
Rhyme Flow:
This can't be right.
How can a video damn my night?
Alone in my room, no man in sight.
and I can't sleep, I demand the light.

What's "This" you ask ?
Tall thin pony with a flesh-like mask.
And ~ he's dressed to impressed like that
in his best black suit and his arms all slack.

How can any be afraid of him?
They made him on the internet
And maybe did it on a whim.

But I can't shake the image.

Arms that stretch with a blank face in it...
See I am a skeptic.

That's looks photoshopped. Typo 'wrecked it'
Checked all your facts and in fact its a fake.
I can tell by the pixels crapped on the page.

Whoa... that's that noise did you hear it?
Nevermind, never could believe in the spirits.

Apparently the apparitions vary in appearance.
And it's merely your mind playing tricks and interference.

BuT THAT was real, I know what I heard and I know what I feel.
And I feel so alone... and i'm telling you noponies home.

Ohh man... turn these lights on...
... why won't they turn... the hell's goin on... has the bulb gone burned?

There's another in the kitchen... an i'm itchin' just to go then...
But my bedroom door won't open.

Is it locked... no... locks ain't broken.
It just won't budge... so it must be...


I will not play this game.
I won't takes notes to avoid Slendermane.

Go Run Hide
If you know what's good for you
i'm at your back, cut the slack
cause when you're stopping in your tracks
i'll be coming for you.

Like you've always known,
you never played the game
instead you're running for home
and even though you always spent your time alone
tonight you're gonna get a visitor
who doesn't know no.

Watch your minutes tick by
feel it all well up
and be dead inside
but you know you can't flee
fast enough to outrun me
and instead you try to find
a way to stop me.

Just look over your shoulder
Turn and face your horror
Because tonight it's too late, you're screwed
For the rest of your time know that I'm Behind You.

Rhyme Flow:

Oh, I must've fallen alsleep
I was in the middle of a really bad dream...

Wait. Why am I - on the bathroom floor...?

Why is there blood on the back of this door...
Why does the tub have a hoof sticking up...

And it can't be mine, cause my Hoof has - WAT?
Am I holding a KNIFE?!?!?
What did I manage to do last night?!

And this body in the bathroom...
Is this even my house...? this is bad news...

Maybe it was self defense and I had to.
What is this carved in my head like a TATTOO?!?!


I remember, but I can't... it's a memory lost in the sand...
That I can't understand...

And i'm pretty damn sure I'll be caught by the cops.
Slendermane's mind games... where I played... and I lost.
Track Name: Cherax Destructor ft. Rhyme Flow - Daybreak (11.14.12)
‪I've never felt eternal night before‬
‪And yo at first I thought I'd like it more because at night ‬
‪is when I like to think while writing on the floor.‬
‪I like the quietness, enjoy the solitude‬
'‪Cause in the day is action, in the night is milder mood. ‬
‪Wilder dudes, settle down with sunset‬
‪But some get restless, and express: "it ain't fun yet" ‬
‪But I ain't done yet, I'm sayin' that I dug the moon‬
‪But after 3 nights in a row, I'd love some sun soon...‬
‪And it was Sun Tzu who taught me how to run through‬
‪opponents with my mind as the one tool. ‬
‪But I can't fight the dark. I gotta trust the Mane.‬
‪The ones entrusted with the Elements are in the game. ‬
‪I miss the light, praise Celestia‬
‪I'm hoping that these ponies bring it back to the rest of all Equestria‬
‪Because I never really understood -‬
‪I loved the badness of the night, only because the sun was good. ‬

(The sun will rise tomorrow
The daylight's coming back home)

‪The blades of light, they skim across my eyes.‬
‪My pupils dilate, contract in reaction of the sky.‬
‪There's the sun on the rise where horizon breaks ‬
‪And I can hear the gasp of the air that my lungs intake. ‬
‪The girls did, I admit with a bit of admiration, ‬
‪Defeat the night with the brightest light of an affirmation‬
‪An assertation that friendship's based on a combination; ‬
‪A reclamation of elements of the highest station. ‬
‪And tie these notions of kindness, patience ~ the ways of ancients‬
‪It levitated these ladies to make a blazing laser, ‬
‪A rainbow spectrum that radiated in waves of vapor.‬
‪Cascaded greatly to break the hatred of Nightmare's labor. ‬
‪These major saviors were simply local Ponyville neighbors‬
‪The Mane evaded the heinous aims that she tried to play there. ‬
‪And they were able to take the hate & pain out that made her‬
‪And in the Fate of Equestria's Night, it made them greater. ‬
‪And later as the Sun had made its way to show its face there.‬
‪We ponies celebrated, praised the day, the Sun would raise there. ‬
‪The Sun would raise and finally my mouth could taste the day air. ‬
‪My eyes could see the way there. I knew the Sun would take care.‬
‪And I want to send my sentiments. ‬
‪For if it wasn't in the harmony that built the elements.‬
‪I'm feelin' that the ebbing of the night couldn't spell an end. ‬
‪The mellowness of night that I liked... could be welcomed then.‬

‪Sunrise, sunset, Sunday, some say the sun rays‬
‪They run across the skies some day‬
‪Sun plays, sun blaze, sun takes some dark days‬
‪makes them turn back to the dark age. ‬
‪Sunshine sometimes, on the lines that I rhyme ‬
‪they run fine. When I am writing the one time. ‬
‪Sun burst, sun flare, sun hurts those times‬
‪I'm just sittin' there, verse never getting air.‬
‪Sun's the centre of the universe.‬
‪I'm the first to say it‬
When the sun's gone, often Luna's worse.
Track Name: Sprocket Doggingsworth ft. Rhyme Flow - Crazy (11.18.12)
Now you know it's been suggested that this show is for kid's /
But the township of Ponyville been infected with madness /
From pony to pony to pony
It's all the same /
I'm telling you, brony that they all outta their brain /
Take Fluttershy whose prevalent element is to be kind /
Underneath that wavy mane she be containing a pained mind /
And then she trains the pain to bottle all up inside /
Until she goes insane and triggers off like a landmine /
a time bomb
My rhymes be fillin the page /
And there ain't enough room
To document all her Flutterrage /
First, Luna better help you if you step to her friends /
Whether dragon or cockatrice you'll meet similar ends. /
But even friends ain't safe when good old Mr Hyde is in town /
only schmeckles step to Jeckyll,
Fluttershy cuts em all down /
gets bitter at critters, I swear by Luna above me /
Even if they get the jitters YOU are going to LOVE ME! /
...Damn. /
If I was a garden creature all I could say would be "yes, ma'am" /
Cause there ain't no protection from the punch of her fury /
And when she's without their affection she acts as judge and as jury /
Now There ain't no way an animal can hide or can run /
Cause she'll rage right in the court before the Queen of the Sun! /
Cause Fluttershy don't give a buck. /
the fact that she don't room with Screw Loose is a matter of luck /
but They had better act soon or y'all be comin up dead /
Cause prey wont stay that way once it be tasting the predatorial
lifestyle that be drivin her up Out of her head /
An Institutional solution at least gives much needed street cred /
And not to be theatrical but psychiatrical meds /
Could be the prevention invention to stop paintin Ponyville red /
But please For your own safety don't ignore what I've said, /
If nothing else believe me, just stay outta her shed!

ALl the ponies in this town are crazy!

In Ponyville
You can see lunacy everywhere that you go
Here to tell you mo' is Flowny, yo, the King of the Rhyme Flow


The Party Planner, with an eidetic mind
Remembers every single birthday, each and every time.

And everytime, can tell you what the days are remaining.
And when your number's coming up, she's the first in line waiting.

The Pink Bodied Equestrian got Balloons on ther side.
The Cotton Candy mane, with the wide CERULEAN eyes.

All the sweetest cakes and desserts got nowhere to hide.
Find your yourself without a babysitter? Call Pinkie pie.

The Laugh Element, Master of Smiles - Chuckle Development.
Fourth wall breaking, and making physics irrelevant.

The way i'm tellin it, ain't no reason you shouldn't meet her...
But, you break a Pinkie Promise? And honestly? Couldn't beat her.

Try to run, make an excuse, or vanish into vapor
Cause the promise that you broke makes it certain you can't escape her.

But the madness she possesses goes deeper than broken promises
The depths we'll have to go will be darker and far beyond the mists

What I speak of's the one they call Pinkamena.
Gray tint, straight hair, just pray you never meet her.

Meaner than the most deviant beings you've ever seen.
Pinkamena is the Nightmare if Pinkie Pie is the Dream.

Don't accept an invitation, and flatly lie in her face.
Watch her face drain of color, her eyes stare into space.

And you find as friend, you have suddenly been replaced.
By a bag of flour, or some rocks stacked in a vase.

That is just a taste, to the terror that she can make.
Have you ever read the fan-based fiction called Cupcakes?


Demented twisted and bent, vindictive misfit and spent
her time dismembering Dash into ingredients.

Immediate evacuation of the facility.
When Pinkamena Diane Pie is in the building.

And I got a feeling, after the babysitting she'd been through.
Pumpkin and Pound Baby Cakes is on the Menu.



1. Now hold up Twilight you ain't exactly one who should talk /
Cause you can lose your marbles over blackboard and chalk
2. Your ambitions are fine till they come crumbling down
Then in sedition you rise against the good of the whole town
3.Now we all admire your scholastical strengths
fantastical lengths you take
Refining your tactical practical brains
4. But you know you can tell that you been missing the point
When your pursuits unleash more chaos than when Discord ran the joint
5. You got Derpy and the mayor set to bring on the pain
And rain down the wrath of aggression unrestrained
6. Over a doll of all things , now that's what I call insane
Although I must admit I really like her mane
8I'm From the streets of Manehattan
The toughest streets in the worl'
There ain't nothin scarier than hearing "hello girls?

4:09 (4:32)

Rhyme: That wasn't scary, Twilight's under mad stress.
Sprocket: Well, your cupcake story was ~ Fictional Fan Press.

Rhyme: And what, Fluttershy's shed is something Hasbro thought up?
Sprocket: Well, um..sorta. Not exactly, You see...shut up!

Sprocket: Alright, so the ponies ain't as mad as they seem
Rhyme: and that's because they always dream of being nobler beings

Rhyme: What holds you together as your world is falling apart?
Sprocket: The magic of friendship living up in your heart.

Sprocket: So even though they get a little crazy up in a bind.
Rhyme: Their friendship magically untangles it every time.

Rhyme: So in otherwords, anyone can lose it just a little.
Sprocket: As long as they have friends, it pull's em back in the middle.

Sprocket: It'll be a mess if Ponies had to do it all alone.
Rhyme: That's the moral of the story to Bronies out on their own.

Rhyme: Just remember we're together when facing all of these menaces.

Sprocket & Rhyme: "cause friends HELP friends FINISH UP each others' SENTENCES."
Track Name: Legion & Feather ft. Rhyme Flow - Apples of My Eye (11.19.12)

When I was young...
When I was young...

Chorus 1:

When I was young
You were still here
I watched them grow
I kept them safe
But you had to go
You had to go

Verse 1:

Granny Smith stares out a window and she see's many things.
From the past to the present and the inbetweens.
Love, Loss, limits, and Dreams, and even screams...
But that's life, and for her it's just a routine...
Or at least it seems...
Upon a desk a few feet away... a picture displayed.
A frame with a face and name that is placed on the corner of memory.
Traced to a time that's embraced by a many who have stayed
In this old house. Sometimes it's just a cold house.
Haunted by the fears and the old doubts.
She remembers being a foal, but admits she is old now.
Applejack throws her hair back. Applebloom laughs towed by her big brother Big Mac.
It's exactly the way you'd have want it.
The only thing missing is your presence here upon it.

It gets harder to remember you.
But when it happens I just look to your children for a better view.
I see your eyes in their tender youth
I see your smile when they grin I pretend that you're with 'em too.

If only then I had I had listened too...
Then a granny they'd have lost, 'stead of both their parents is the truth.
I survived as the living proof... but I'd gladly give my life in second
just to switch with you.

Chorus 2:

I wish you'd stayed
I wish you'd seen
How beautiful this family would've been
If you had stayed
If you had stayed

Chorus 3:

They were too young
Big Mac, Applejack
It was too soon for Applebloom
My heart it broke
The tears they choked
When you did go

Verse 2:

And I can tell you you'd be proud of em all.
Applejack is worth her weight in gold, Big Mac standin Tall

Applebloom so strong with her friends...
And it sends me shivers cause I see in them SMALL

images, and snippets of your life when you grew up.
When I was rough young and tough and I knew of

the only thing that our family needed was a few of
these bits and these apple-seeds and a bit of true love.

And who loves you more than I do...
I remember when you met that stallion... the shy dude.
When I had to meet him he would hide behind you.
In time love bloomed as he'd ride beside you.

I cried as you recited "I do"
Pride in my little foal grew to find you
A grown mare, and soon you'd have your own there.
3 gems you brought into our home here.

No fear... cause clearly they grew up fine.
No father or mother... they had a tough time.
But they had each other and that's enough right?
And I did my best to raise 'em up right.

I still cry in my room, on various nights.
I wonder why so soon you had to just die.
No mother should ever bury her one child
When I was young, I died a little inside.


When you were young...
You both too young...

When I young...
When I was young...
Track Name: Rhyme Flow befriends Max Sandler - Who's Babs? (11.28.12)
How does one make a bad seed?
Like half greedy and half mean.
From the rotten of the core, to an apple's wax sheen?

Is it picked from TV, or Books or Magazines?
Is it friends that she has or what - her parents teach?

In the case that this happened, the place was Manehatten
The name was Babs Seed the game was mad laughin

And it saddens me Babs got tragically manhandled
And the situation managed to flatten her - head's rattled.

Instead of tattling, she let it build up.
Till the anger in her heart was swelling to fill up.

And it still sucks thinking that bullies could kill love.
In the heart of a filly who's feelings were real tough.


Pay attention to this cautionary tale.
Cause so starts the cycle that viciously curtails

Confidence and Esteem important in their development
So listen to the words more so than how i'm tellin it.

The big city is anything but civil
and admitting it's an entity getting the first riddle.

It's a little known fact that bullies become bullies
cause they get bullied and so cruelly become fully

into pushing others around because they got beat.
A social law of physics on how they brought beef.

And so now they not sweet, they rot and the talk heat.
And they rock boats, and pop hopes, and brought grief.


That's the fate that waited for Babs.
And filled that seed, up with hate just making her mad.

Of course she'd then take that hate to where she was at.
She went from Bab's Seed into a seed that was bad.

Verse 2

She's train bound and going to Ponyville.
All the pain from Manehatten is slow-ly growing still.

And it's only till, that pain boils and overfills
That it's gonna froth and build until it all spills.


She arrives at the train station.
With hesistation in her eyes and her mind racin.

She sees her cousin and her friends and their smile's blazin'
But pays attention to flank that she hides... hatin'

Why do these foals insist on this focus?
Cause To linger on a flank that's blank is just hopeless.

But then again, these fillies do seem happy
What's the worst that could happen, don't think they would laugh at me.

Enter Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon
My Mind targets on bullies and all their little Goons

Before they start to fully turn upon me soon.
It's gonna suck but just I know what I have to do .

Become the thing that i hate most.
Behind the mask of a bully is a pained host.

It's insane though to think that I would play so
Shameful Mean, cruel, and truly unfaithful

My come-uppance wasn't unexpected.
I realized that unchecked, I know I would've wrecked it.

But now I know what's important and I must protect it.
I went from Bad Seed to Bad-Ass Me no Disrespecting.
Track Name: Iamswagg & Rhyme Flow - Bronies On The Track (12.20.12)
Yo, question for my bronies, homies, what's going on?
IAmSwagg back on the track, let's get it on
One little rap and everypony knows my name
Drop a hot beat and start my rise to fame it's insane
All of these fans I do attain
Put a hoof in the game without having to be profane, call me tame
Going against the grain so by the time I leave my reign
It won't ever be the same
Check it, it's me rocking this microphone
Vinyl Scratch, on the track, just to aid my flow
And you will like the show, get set, let's go
Rainbow Dash on my side, I can't be slow
Now let's hit it
Me and Pinkie won't quit
We'll party all night until one of us split
My beats I transmit, through the mic I emit
This bit with such wit, Twilight Sparkle would sit

And listen to the bronies on the track like that (like that)
Yeah we got bronies on the track like that (like that)
You know we got bronies on the track like that (like that)
Cause we make it hot on the track when we rap
Yeah there's bronies on the track like that (like that)
You better believe we on the track like that (like that)
IAmSwagg, MC Flow like that
Melt the mic, Spike flames on the track like that (like that)

Flowny on the track like Usain Bolt
Shinning like a rainbow, dashing like I'm running from a train though
Sick like I caught Thunderlane's cold
Tight with insane flows, rhymes like I got Zecora brain folds
Main goal in this place try and place gold
Hit 'em with a verse that will run and take hold
All caps and bold, like I'm Iron Will
Cold like the iron's chilled
Blowing like my bones on a mine field
Welcome wagon's locked and loaded
The confetti and cake batter bout to rock the show
And when I'm rocking on the mic, I'm a young zap apple
Cause you never take me down in the fit of a rap battle
And quote me in the foal free press, no stress, like Rarity making a free dress
RhymeFlow running the leaves with IAmSwagg
The Iron Ponies, bronies on the track like that

And listen to the bronies on the track like that (like that)
Yeah we got bronies on the track like that (like that)
You know we got bronies on the track like that (like that)
Cause we make it hot on the track when we rap
Yeah there's bronies on the track like that (like that)
You better believe we on the track like that (like that)
IAmSwagg MC Flow like that
Melt the mic, Spike flames on the track like that (like that)

We got bronies on the track like that
MLP, make it real, on the track like that
You know I love this show even though I'm black
Stand strong, so cool, you can call me Big Mac
(Can I kick) Yeah you know I can buck
Applejack, yeah you know she's got apples to pluck
Mane six, you know that things will run a muck
Thought I'd say the F-word, well that would just suck
IAmSwagg, EqD, yeah they call me (Classic) cause my flow is (classic)
Yeah, call me twilight, cause this is the word of a nerd
And if you like what you heard then you should join the herd
Don't be hatin cause the bronies got skills
Owlalicious on my shoulder, I'm quick with the quill
Philomena, I'm gonna make you swallow the pill
It's the antidote, cause my rhyme is so ill

And listen to the bronies on the track like that (like that)
Yeah we got bronies on the track like that (like that)
You know we got bronies on the track like that (like that)
Cause we make it hot on the track when we rap
Yeah there's bronies on the track like that (like that)
You better believe we on the track like that (like that)
IAmSwagg MC Flow like that
Melt the mic, Spike flames on the track like that (like that)

These bronies are dragons massing a horde
I be handing them a verse and they be demanding some more
And they keep pounding the floor
Like they're baby cakes, I know all the pain it takes
Cover me with flour till their faces change
Into a wide Pinkie type smile
They Cranky Doodle first but then dandy after my style
And even after a while yo they still feenin
And I know the real meaning of friendship because I've seen it
It's about trusting your friends, compromising
Supporting 'em when they down with some fond surprises
And when a problem rises they take it head on
The friendship express is on the track and in fact, ya'll better get on
Grab your cider cause this rounds on me
And Spike, if you're listening write this down slowly
If bronies can love and tolerate thusly
Then bronies are the key to world peace, they must be, trust me

You know Rarity's in the house (The boutique)
AJ yeah you know she’s in the house (In the barn)
My girl Twilight’s in the house (The Treehouse)
Fluttershy you know she’s in the house (In the shed)
RD in the back kicking out (On a cloud)
Pinkie Pie is definitely in the house (Getting loud)
My girl Lauren Faust’s in the house (In the house)
M-L-P shout it out (Shout it out)
True hip-hop music now (Music now)
Positive vibes no doubt (No diggity)
The Black Eyed Peas in the house (In the house)
MC Flowny’s in the house (How you doing)
Double G, you know I’m in the house (Sup Swagg)
Bronies representing signing out (Signing out) x3
It’s Like That!
Track Name: Koroshiya & Rhyme Flow - Feel Good (12.24.12)
Yeah, I feel good,
Yeah, I feel good,
Yeah, I feel good,
Yeah, I feel good,

Check 1, 2.


Yea, I feel good, When I got my bronies around,
It's hard to frown when you got equine lovin' sound,
We hittin' up the malls, MLP, EQD,
And even that's not enough to quench the happiness inside of me,

Before I found this fandom, everything seemed so benign,
Was a struggle everyday to find ways to spend time,
Everything seemed so redundant, was a dead end routine,
Now I'm rockin' it up in this badass scene,

Writin' songs everyday for the family,
About my biggest inspiration known as MLP,
Yeah we got brony haters but they never to me,
Because we gotta love and tolerate and gotta help 'em see,

If I ever feel sad, Pinkie Pie's got me set,
Rainbow dash is there to cheer me up in 10 seconds flat,
Be it music, art, fanfics or anything,
When you're a brony, it's all magic so everybody sing,


Yeah, I feel good,
And nothing's gonna bring me down, so everybody lock down and hound on this wicked sound,
Yeah, I feel good,
Brohoof's to everybody in the fandom and all my homies, so come on and sing,
Yeah, I feel good,
And nothing's gonna bring me down, so everybody lock down and hound on this wicked sound,
Yeah, I feel good,
Yeah I feel good, so come on.


How do I convey these thoughts on the paper?
How do I condense emotion from the vapour?
It's safe to say that my current status as a rapper
Was never met with pissed derision or fits of laughter.

As a matter of fact, the path was lit with kind words.
And lacked the bite of life's hurt or stings of blind slurs.
These strengthen my nerves, which lengthened my verse.
And things in time turned, to think, my mind yearns to sing.

Feels good like Celestia at Sunrise.
And sometimes, like Pinkie macking on some pies.
I won't lie we grown men watching Kids Shows.
We young at heart, just never lettin' that kid grow.

It did though, show Bronies as individuals
Through Audio and visual mediums as a ritual.
In it's initial stages the haters claimed it was fading.
But breaking 2013 we made it amazing!


Yeah, I feel good,
And nothing's gonna bring me down, so everybody lock down and hound on this wicked sound,
Yeah, I feel good,
Brohoof's to everybody in the fandom and all my homies, so come on and sing,
Yeah, I feel good,
And nothing's gonna bring me down, so everybody lock down and hound on this wicked sound,
Yeah, I feel good,
Yeah I feel good, so come on.