Never Know by Holocene ft. Rhyme Flow

by Rhyme Flow (MC Flowny)




The beauty of this song is that it's a testament to collaboration. When I first started music in 2012, I knew no one. No connection with producers, other artists, and no one to help usher me into the music community. That can sometimes crush a starting artist. Leslers was also a budding Deviant Artist and I reached out to her to collaborate one of my first tracks, "Oatmeal Pie" (It's terrible, but you can find it.)

Fast forward to 2016, and both of us had grown our skills and body of work, and though we didn't communicate often we were still friends. She had tweeted about a recent experience she had that had given her a bit of heartache. I asked her to share her story and decided that this would be a great opportunity to collaborate again. I would turn her story of heartache into a song and she would draw the album art for it. When I put out for a producer to try their hand at a track, my good friend Holocene came to our aid.

So as my first release in 2017, please listen carefully to 'Never Know'. If you've ever fallen in love, and realized you could never share how you feel, I hope you can connect to this track.

Art & Story Inspired by Da Leslers:


It was the springtime, you where the “meantime”
But each time we were together, it didn’t mean time.

And as a seed finds, reaches to be vines.
Our friendship climbed, personalities each shined.

I had swore to never fall.
The work and the hurt and the blurred words always sore, whenever recalled

But you could always break the glass, beneath my laugh and past
You could surpass the fake mask.



Do I - manage the risk?
And gather my emotions so I can plan to confess?


Am I invested to keep us as friends?
The best friendships are one that can never see end.

Be-in with you was like breathing again. Even as
I’m reading this, my feelings are leaving the deep end.

It de-pends, cause really it’s re-cent, why would we send
Our current connection to be bent?

But. If could spill it, how I feel it
I’m fillin up words instilling the courage to deal it.

And you reciprocated. Damn, if you felt the same. We
could elevate these emotions to a hell of a thing.

We could develop this, I’m telling you it’s selling itself.
Falling in love with each other, I’d be willing to -

Well, it turns out you already said there’s someone you liked.
So instead i’ll bury these feelings and keep them inside.


Missed the chance, now i’m pissed my plans are blitzed
I can’t admit and I’m simply sad that it

Could’ve become a legitimate possibility
But really inability lead me to fail unwillingly

I can smile and watch you happy cause I truly do
Want happiness upon you, and honestly if you truly knew

My feelings and you didn’t appeal it and felt a different way.
I’d really be upset if that meant we couldn’t be friends today


Love is fleeting but friends feel it forever.
And as much as I believe we could make it, maybe it’s better

That I’m keeping it within, which means - “keep us together”
support you with your new love, courtship & endeavor

And if ever it was meant for us, time was the suspect.
Maybe down the road in some future it would be us next.

Maybe we could be more than friends, instead of “just ex”
As it stands, I’ll take you this way, and you can trust that.

But know that if we remain friends as the years pass.
And everything that we gained and we endeared lasts

Just know that nothing will change that, it’s clear cast
You will be the first one I fell for till the tears splashed.

Maybe regretting only what could be.
That some alternate timeline in space, you kept my company.

Who knows if “us” would’ve worked, instead I let it go.
Maybe going forward it’s better off that we never know.


released January 15, 2017
Produced by Holocene
Cover Art & Inspiration by Da Leslers



all rights reserved


Rhyme Flow (MC Flowny) San Diego, California

I'm a hip-hop artist that has thrived in the Brony Community since 2012. I love meeting new people and collaborating with new talented musicians.

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